Social Detoxification Services

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What Is Social Detox?

Our social detox program provides an opportunity for those experiencing the negative consequences of addiction the time needed to begin their healing journey in a comfortable setting. Detox is considered an important step in the recovery process.


Our Facility

Wakamow Manor is located on the south side of Moose Jaw overlooking the serene natural treasure, Wakamow Valley. Our quiet neighborhood grants privacy and confidentiality to all our clients, local or otherwise. Wakamow Manor lodges twenty-two (22) clients with single bedrooms offering the privacy that is much needed during a time of healing. With staff available 24/7 our clients can rest easy knowing that support is available when they need it. Wakamow Manor boasts nutritious home cooked meals with delicious desserts and snacks served throughout the day, with the option to purchase snacks from the vending machine as well.

McNiven Manor

McNiven Manor is a continuation of the residential detoxification services from Wakamow Manor Social Detox, and the four (4) available beds are offered to clients who have become physically stabilized and have applied for treatment, housing or financial support services. Clients must participate in the Wakamow Manor Social Detox program and meet established criteria before being transferred to McNiven Manor.

Admission Requirments

  • All clients must have a doctor’s note stating they are medically and mentally stable to attend social detox. This note can not be older than 14 days at the time of admission. The doctor’s note can be faxed to (306) 694-4031 for convenience.
  • Prescriptions are filled for a two week stay (preferably blister packed). Any prescriptions that are sent to our pharmacist (Main Pharmacy) will be filled at the client’s expense. Clients are not permitted to take any sleep medications, CNS depressants, CNS stimulants, or benzodiazepines. capsules (unless blister packed) or previously opened liquid medication will not be accepted. If you have any questions about your medications please contact us to speak to the nursing staff.
  • All Clients must be 16 years of age or older to attend Wakamow Manor Social
  • Expecting clients must be 20 weeks or less into their pregnancy to partake in the program.

McNiven Facility

Wakamow Manor Social Detox Facility

Admission Process

Step 1 - Phone Our Office

To begin the admission process, interested clients are to phone our office (306-694-4030) and add themselves to our wait list. Clients are expected to touch base during the allotted call time every day to keep their spot on the list. This includes weekends, and all stat holidays. If you are unable to get a hold of a staff member, please leave a message as we check them regularly.

Step 2 - Phone Intake Call

When a spot is available, we will call to conduct an over the phone intake to gather usage/medical history. At this point an admission date will be offered to the client within 7 days of this phone call.

Services Offered While at Detox

Clients are encouraged to take advantage of the numerous services and programs facilitated by our passionate staff and our community partners.


Daily Psycho-educational Programs

These programs are intended to educate our clients about their addiction as well as their mental health. Our goal is to equip the client with tools and strategies to abstain from substance use until they can obtain long term treatment. Some sessions include:

  • Relapse prevention
  • Understanding Addiction
  • Triggers – What are they and how to cope
  • Accountability
  • Communication Skills
  • Challenging Anxious Thinking
Moose Jaw Addiction Social Detoxification Support Program Healing

Daily In-house 12 Step Meetings

Many clients state that attending 12 step meetings were an essential component of their recovery. By hosting the meetings in-house, clients are able to connect with these programs and attend with their housemates in a safe and controlled environment.


Connection to Health Care Services­

Although we are not a medical detox facility, we do have nursing staff available for the clients to consult with 5 days a week. Clients will meet with a supervising physician once a week, and if eligible may connect with apsychiatrist once during their stay as well. WMSD works closely with Moose Jaw Main Street Pharmacy (306-691-0101) to ensure that all our clients prescription needs are meet throughout their stay with us.


Weekly One-on-One sessions

Through our partnership with external entities, we are able to provide our clients the option to sit down with various professionals to discuss things that they may be struggling with outside of their addiction.


Meditation & Sound Bowl Relaxation

The act of meditation serves as a relaxation tool intended to encourage the client to calm their mind, and reconnect with their body. Through mindfulness, breathing techniques and meditation, our clients will slow down their thoughts and emotions in order to focus on a healthy recovery.


Inpatient Treatment Referrals

Our staff are well informed on the various treatment centres located within our province, and are able to assist with the completion of an application. Our goal is to ensure that every client that walks through our door has the option to continue their recovery journey beyond their stay with us.


Urinalysis and Blood Work

The life style that comes with active addiction can be risky. Through optional urinalysis and blood work our clients will gain an understanding of how their body has been affected by their substance use.

Please note the above services are subject to change and may not be offered due to unforeseen circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is the Program?

Our program is considered complete after 10-14 days. WMSD is a voluntary program meaning clients may leave sooner if they choose.

What Do I Need to Bring to Detox?

We advise that our clients bring all things that they believe they would need for a 2 week stay in a hotel. To keep our facility clean clients are asked not to bedding (blankets or pillows), or linens (towels, sheets etc) at home, as they will be provided upon arrival. if these items are brought in, they will be placed in storage until the time of discharge.

Can I Bring My Cell or Laptop?

To protect the anonymity of all our clients we ask that all cell phones, laptops, and any other devices that may access the internet or have a camera are left at home. If these devices are brought into the facility they will be locked in a secure locker until the time of discharge.

Can Someone Visit Me While I am in Detox?

To protect the anonymity of our clients we do not permit visits during a client’s stay at detox, unless the visitor is a professional (Addictions Counselor, Lawyer, Social Worker).

Is Smoking Allowed?

Smoking is permitted during specified times throughout the day. Clients must smoke in the designated smoking area and follow smoking protocols outlined during admission. All tobacco products brought into the facility must be sealed. Pod Vapes are permitted (vaping “juice” is in a sealed pod which is used to refill the vape).

If I need Something Can I leave to go get it?

For the safety of our clients, we do not allow clients to leave the grounds unless the client is choosing to discharge.