Wakamow Place 2

Wakamow Place 2

In collaboration with the Moose Jaw Housing Authority and Saskatchewan Housing Corporation, Thunder Creek Rehabilitation Association is delighted to present twelve (12) thoughtfully crafted, one-bedroom supportive living units. Tailored to individuals actively engaged in their mental health and/or substance use disorder recovery plans, these units offer a holistic and supportive environment to foster growth and well-being.

Each of our supportive living units is designed with the utmost attention to comfort and functionality. Residents can expect a spacious one-bedroom layout, complete with a fully equipped kitchen, inviting living room, a four-piece bathroom, and the added convenience of their own in-unit laundry machines. This carefully planned living space goes beyond the conventional, ensuring that individuals have the autonomy and resources they need to thrive in their recovery journey.

The collaboration with Moose Jaw Housing Authority and Saskatchewan Housing Corporation underscores our shared commitment to providing high-quality living spaces that meet the diverse needs of our community. These one-bedroom units serve as more than just residences; they are sanctuaries where individuals can actively engage in their recovery while enjoying the benefits of a secure and supportive community.

By incorporating key amenities like a full kitchen, living room, and personal laundry facilities, Thunder Creek Rehabilitation Association aims to create an environment that promotes a sense of independence and self-sufficiency. This holistic approach to supportive living recognizes the importance of a stable home environment as a foundation for sustained recovery and mental well-being.

At Thunder Creek Rehabilitation Association, our commitment to personalized care extends beyond therapy and support services; it encompasses the very spaces in which individuals live and grow. These one-bedroom supportive living units stand as a testament to our dedication to providing a comprehensive, supportive, and empowering framework for those on the journey to recovery. We are proud to be part of this collaborative effort that seeks to transform lives and contribute to the overall well-being of our community.